Hi Otis and Pirelli!

I have a fortune story I want to share. I don't often get very lucky, to say the least... But there was this one time when I was about ten or eleven:
I was walking home from school, where more or less everything had gone wrong, as usual. I remember having to wait for maximum intervals at all the pedestrian crossings, and that it was raining. I think I might have had a bad cold, too, at the time. Just before I got to my house, I saw a black cat beginning to cross the street before me, and thought like, oh brother, just what I need - NOT. But, suddenly, my luck changed!
A big delivery van came speeding up the street, in my direction, sort of swerving from side to side, and Bingo! It ran over the cat, just when I was going to have to cross its path!
The remains of the cat were kind of smeared along a section of the sidewalk, so I had to tippy-toe past it with my back to the building, in order not to cross its path.
I remember this very well, partly because it's about the only lucky thing that ever happended to me, and partly because I broke my arm playing football later that afternoon.

Hello, David

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. [...]
I enjoyed your Dexter strip. I think you and Marten are very talented. [...]
One of these days when I come over to Sweden, I have no doubt I'll be seeing your work in print.

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