Hello there!

I am the illustrator and graphic designer of Dexter.
Doing this is one of my favourite jobs. I've been very lucky with Mårten, since he asked me to draw some characters first, before he wrote any scripts. He said he'll know what they're up to once he sees what they look like. This way I could stick to characters that I enjoy drawing, and not worry about finding people or animals in the scripts that I can't draw! (And there are a lot of things that I can't draw).

The way I worked with the characters is fairly simple, I wanted them all to be "real" animals, so, for instance, Pirelli is a salamander (american, red), Liz is a lemur and Dexter is a mouse.
I read somewhere that a good comic-character is regognized by his shadow alone, so I also wanted them all to be distinctly different from each other. That has been easy so far, but I hear that some relatives of both Winnipeg and Tequila are on their way to Brickstown... That'll be interesting.

I love drawing Dexter, and have become addicted to the soap-operatic quality of his world. The best time of the process for me is when I get the new scripts and get to know what will happen, way ahead of anyone else. Mårten is getting even better and more funny, so I'll just have to try to improve the standard of the pictures!

You're welcome to check out my companys' web-site! and mail me at david@kosmonaut.se