Why, you lucky dog!

Totally by chance you have stumbled across Otis' and Pirelli's page! Do you know what the odds of that happening are? Right, we didn't think so.... Not very many, that's for sure. You see, this is probably the only page on the Internet devoted to success stories, good fortune against incredible odds, last minute rescues and plain old dumb luck. Our own history of being obnoxiously lucky is told in the comic strip of our friend Dexter, whose panels we sometimes grace, so it won't be repeated here. But if you have a success story, a piece of good luck, or any tips on how to woo Lady Luck, please write to us. If we find you to be a bona fide lucky person, we'll include your letter on the Classic Mail page, so the whole world can cheer your good fortune.

Best of luck!

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