Wouldn't you just know it?

The girls get one measly page between them! Yet another sign of male oppression... Still, revenge will be sweet, when all you surfers compare this beautiful and interesting page to the sorry, ramshackle junk heaps the guys have posted next door.

But let's get down to it!
Tequila's ambition is to let this page be a shrine to the all-time greatest achievement of the human race: Country Music!
There'll be the occasional CD-review or tip about good Country artists, and of course, there'll be her own mailbox where y'all can write and ask her about anything Country. Liz feels that a more romantic forum is sorely needed on this site. Write and ask her opinion on all matters of the heart. She'll dig deep into her vast experience, and do her best to guide you to a better love life. (Romantic love life! If you want smut, you'll have to look elsewhere.)
The most interesting letters you send us will get tacked up on the Classic Mail page, right next-doors to this one.

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